Krzysztof Smolec - co-owner
Specialist in business development and customer relationship building.
Has a wide range of competences, which he uses to analyse the market,
identifying trends and creating growth strategies. His main objective is to provide maximum value and benefit to his clients by delivering products and services that perfectly meet their needs. His approach is based on building long-term relationships with clients, listening to their needs and engaging in partnerships. As a result, he is able to create personalised solutions that contribute to the success and growth of our business partners.

Mateusz Wronka - co-owner
Specialist in production management and innovation development. Has an excellent understanding of production processes,optimising operations and ensuring high product quality. Has knowledge of modern management methods and excels in planning, controlling and improving production operations.
He motivates the team to achieve high standards, promotes a culture of innovation and focuses on continuous improvement. His communication and collaboration skills contribute to the successful operation of the technical department and support the entire company in achieving success.

Customer service

Our team always strives to ensure 'fair play' in our relationships with contractors.
We are convinced that honesty, trust and respect are integral elements of successful cooperation.
Therefore, we always strive to operate to the highest ethical standards and adhere to established operating principles.
Our employees not only have technical knowledge and interpersonal skills, but are also able to listen and understand the needs of the other party. We believe in a partnership approach and long-term business relationships.
Our determination and commitment make us ready to take on any challenge to ensure the success of our clients. 
We work to win for our clients because their success is our success.


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