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With a modern and widely developed machine park, the company OTOMATIC SMOLEC I WRONKA SP. J is a manufacturer of machines for regenerating and cleaning DPF filters and a supplier of metal components for the construction, agricultural, special machinery and boiler industry.

Analysing the challenges and signals from the market as well as the demand of companies, OTOMATIC has identified the key needs related to the production and assembly of highly processed components for various industries.

By ensuring the quality of services and products sold, the strategic goal of OTOMATIC SMOLEC I WRONKA SP. J is to maintain trust and a high level of customer satisfaction.

We want to implement the Quality Policy by:
- adapting products to market needs
- constant increase in the level of customer satisfaction and improvement of
- company development in the area of technology and processing
- continuous development of the machinery park
- increasing staff qualifications
- expanding distribution channels at home and abroad
- optimisation of production processes
- increasing the quality of manufactured products

Our aim is to continuously improve the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and to meet legal requirements. This Policy is known, accepted, understood by stakeholders.

Quality Assurance

Quality is directly influenced by the Production employees who manufacture our products. Each operator influences how his/her work will be able to be done by his/her colleague at the next stage (internal customer) of production and whether the expectations of (end) customers will be met. Failure to maintain quality will make it more difficult, longer or even impossible to do the work at subsequent stages of the process. If a defect is not detected at subsequent stages, then the defective product will go to the customer, generating complaints and costs.

Our goal is to uncover problems. When they occur, we always inform the supervisor and follow a plan to escalate problems. For non-standard situations, the company has developed a set of "contingency plans" that it will use when needed. The plans take into account events such as natural disasters or the inability to operate critical machinery.

We follow a clear scheme for dealing with nonconforming product.
I-02-P Instruction for proper completion of goods identification cards and handling of nonconforming product

Supervision of inspection and measurement tools:
- Control and measuring tools in our company are subject to calibration by an external laboratory
- or checked in accordance with an internal protocol
- roll measures are also subject to supervision
- each employee is responsible for the condition of measuring tools

The tools have appropriate stickers that facilitate supervision of the upcoming check or calibration of K-P equipment.

Introduced standard to ensure the quality and compliance of the product at a given production stage are TECHNOLOGY CARD AND CONTROL PLANS.

CSR - Customer Special Requirements - special characteristics / special requirements of the customer - these are all additional requirements of the customer relating to dimensions, surfaces, edges, manufacturing methods, fastening, painting, processing, etc. They are included in control plans and technology sheets, packaging matrix.

5S system

Removal from the workstation of everything that is unnecessary for work at any given time
Labeling equipment and placing in designated areas
Tidying up the workstation and organizing cleaning supplies
Determination of placement standards for workstation equipment
Developing the habit of following the first four S's

The principles underlying 5S include workplace ergonomics, cleanliness and elimination of redundant items, standardization, promoting visual communication and, most importantly, improving safety.

The goal of 5S practices is to establish and maintain order in the workplace. 5S practices are one of the cornerstones of creating a work environment conducive to quality activities, which translates into process efficiency.

Surveillance of nonconformities
Corrective actions

Implemented quality tools to solve problems, analyze their sources and implement corrective and preventive actions:

- 8-D REPORT - this is a structured form of problem solving and continuous improvement for the organization. The standard 8 points of analysis allows to effectively find the cause and establish corrective and preventive actions.

Working group
Description of the problem
Immediate action
Corrective action
Verification of corrective action
Preventive action
8D evaluation and closure

- 5WHY ANALYSIS - is used to quickly analyze nonconformities and implement immediate corrective actions. 5WHY forms are located in a tray by the Production Managers office.
The completed 5WHY analysis sheet goes to the Production Manager, who then forwards it to the Quality Department.

- SINGLE-THEMATIC LESSON - is a visual form of communicating a problem. The single-topic lesson board is located in the aisle next to the Production Managers office.


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