After the initial analysis of the project, we invite you to visit our production facility and present the possibilities of cooperation.

Welding area

- MAG welding
high efficiency

- TIG welding
precision and aesthetics

Robotic welding

Increase weld quality through greater control over welding process parameters and weld application paths.

Laser cutting zone

- sheet metal [3×1.5 m, max. thickness 30 mm].
  - black steel
  - stainless steel
  - galvanized
  - aluminum

Bending zone

- bending of thin and thick sheets
- small and large details
- dimensional repeatability

Zone of cutting tubes and profiles

- band sawing machine
  - straight and angled cuts
  - square and rectangular profiles
  - straight pipes and bars

Rolling and gouging zone

- rolling working length 1.5 m
- maximum sheet thickness 6 mm
- possibility to roll cones
- gouging of reinforcement grooves

Machining zone

- turning
- milling
- drilling
- threading
- grinding

Assembly of components

We perform services consisting of assembling steel components into a whole or combining semi-finished products with components resulting in a finished product.

Wet paint shop

To ensure a comprehensive service, we offer other anti-corrosion coatings in cooperation:
- hot-dip galvanizing
- zinc plating
- powder coating

Assembly of machinery and equipment

- hydraulic arms
- filter tanks
- cabin washers
- control cabinets
- and many others ...

Product stock

- "Buffer Stock" for key customers
- Marking and packaging of goods according to customer instructions


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