Sustainable strategies
- made of steel

Welded assemblies

We supply welded assemblies according to the entrusted technical documentation of our customers.

We operate on the basis of annual forecast and framework agreement.
Your products are available on demand from our buffer warehouse.

Scope of services provided:
Laser cutting, bending, welding, rolling, gouging, stamping, milling and turning.


KTL-coated steel parts

Starting from 2024, Otomatic introduces serial production of steel parts with KTL anti-corrosion coating, based on customer-provided drawings.

We fulfill orders under long-term framework agreements, ensuring continuous supply and customization to specific requirements.

We invite you to collaborate, offering high-quality products with corrosion protection.

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DPF machines

Introducing a revolutionary solution for cleaning DPF filters.

Four years after the launch of its hydro-dynamic DPF cleaning machine, Otomatic is once again revolutionizing the DPF regeneration market with its globally innovative hybrid DPF, DOC and SCR cleaning technology.

Otomatic's patented DPF-hybrid™ method, in a single machine, combines the advantages of the hydrodynamic [wet] and pneumatic [dry] methods while eliminating their disadvantages.

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Who we are

At Otomatic, we focus on investing in research and development.

With our innovations in machinery and equipment manufacturing, we strive to implement efficient solutions toward sustainable production. Our goal is to benefit customers, employees and society by promoting good practices and meeting the challenges of climate change.

Our production facility in Andrychów, with a total area of 4,000 m², houses machining centers and an assembly plant, and a staff of 60 people. Experienced engineers in automation, robotics and mechanical engineering work for us.

Ready for the future:
Otomatic's innovative business areas

Otomatic's research and development department develops innovative solutions for individual customers and large companies around the world.


Our response to climate change

Otomatic, starting in 2018, has been actively involved in promoting and upgrading machines and methods for cleaning particulate filters, often known by the acronyms DPF, FAP, GPF. Until recently, particulate filters were removed from internal combustion vehicles on a massive scale.

The environmental impact is also significant - a car with a particulate filter removed emits 20 times more particulate matter than one that has one. On the other hand, vehicles running with a partially obstructed filter can burn up to several liters more fuel for every 100 kilometers driven. Which translates into further side effects that significantly affect air quality.

The numbers matter

A total of nearly

100 000

visits per month on our websites
Customers from


countries around the world

150 000

DPF / DOC / SCR filters cleaned worldwide with our machines in 2021 and 2022


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