KTL-coated steel parts

For many years, Otomatic has been a reliable supplier of steel parts and components for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and various types of vehicles.

In response to our clients' growing needs, we have entered into a partnership with one of Poland's leading companies in providing cathodic electrodeposition coatings. This collaboration allows us to offer high-quality steel parts with KTL coating.

The process, specially developed by HENKEL, ensures the fulfillment of the high standards set by the automotive industry. The process includes steps such as double degreasing, activation, zinc phosphating, and DEMI water rinsing.

Electrodeposition painting, utilizing the state-of-the-art technology from BASF (epoxy-based, water-dilutable paint without heavy metals, with minimal solvent content), ensures a wide range of coating thicknesses (from 15 to 40 µm) and excellent corrosion resistance (up to 1000 hours in a salt spray chamber). Electrophoresis also serves as an excellent base for other types of coatings, such as powder coating or spray painting.

Salt chamber tests

Electrophoresis Line No. 1 - tactical transport system, color black:
- Maximum detail dimensions: 3350 mm x 1500 mm x 900 mm.
- Maximum detail weight: 500 kg.
- Capacity: approximately 1.5 million m²/year.

Electrophoresis Line No. 2 - continuous transport system, color black:
- Maximum detail dimensions: 3500 mm x 2100 mm x 900 mm.
- Maximum detail weight: 250 kg per linear meter.
- Capacity: approximately 4 million m²/year.


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